Plovimo skysčiai

Plovimo skysčiai laikrodininkams

  • MAGIC GASKET. Pasta skirta korpusų tarpinių formavimui. Neprilimpa prie korpuso. 20 ml.

    MAGIC GASKET waterproof liquid. The cap is equipped with a brush to apply the liquid at the junction of the case and the case back, or at the junction of the case and the glass. It dries once applied. Just before the liquid is completely dried, it is easy to remove the extra liquid with a cloth or a finger.
    MSA Contents Size mm Kg
    26.655 20 ml ø 28 x 62 0.032
  • ONE-DIP® skirtas balanso plauko plovimui jo neišardžius. 60 gr.

    ONE-DIP ® cleaning solution for hairsprings, balances, levers and stones encrusted with hardened oil, etc…
    MSA Contents Size Kg
    26.650 60 g 60 x 50 x 110 0.175
  • ELMA CLEAN 75® plovimo skystis juvelyrikai su amoniaku. Tinka aukso, sidabro dirbiniams. Netinka „minkštiems akmenims“.

    ELMA CLEAN 75 ® jewellery cleaning solution with ammoniac. Fast and high efficiency cleaning with lighting effect on gold, silver and coloured metals alloys. No suitable for soft stones.
    MSA Solution Contents Kg
    26.820 CLEAN 75 1 litre 1.100
  • ELMA CONCENTRÉ 1:9®. Vandeniu skiedžiamas koncentratas, skirtas laikrodžių dalių plovimui.

    ELMA CONCENTRÉ 1:9 ® cleaning solution. Aqueous concentrate for cleaning disassembled watch parts and high precision metal pieces. Hardened oils are carefully and rapidly removed. Gives light effect to alloy gold and brass.
    MSA Solution Contents Kg
    26.828 CONCENTRÉ 1:9 0.5 litre 0.525
  • ELMA NOBLE-CLEAN®. Be amoniako. Skirta brangiesiems metalams.

    ELMA NOBLE-CLEAN ® bath for precious metals. Very fast brightness and high cleaning effect on gold, silver and any other precious alloys. Anti-rust. Do not contain ammoniac.
    MSA Solution Contents Kg
    26.810 NOBLE-CLEAN 1 litre 1.200
  • ELMA SUPER-CLEAN® skirtas brangiųjų metalų su „minkštais akmenimis“ plovimui. Sudėtyje yra mažai amoniako.

    ELMA SUPER-CLEAN ® cleaning solution for gold or silver jewellery with setting soft stones. Contain a little bit of Ammoniac.
    MSA Solution Contents Kg
    26.800 SUPER-CLEAN 1 litre 1.100
  • ELMA VACU-PROOF® tepalas skirtas laikrodžio korpuso dangtelių, galvučių, stiklų sandarinimui. 25 ml.

    ELMA VACU-PROOF ® for water proofing watches, cases, crowns, glasses, etc… The bottle is equipped with a dripping pipe for an easy liquid application.
    MSA Contents Size mm Kg
    26.812 25 ml ø 30 x90 0.100
  • NET’OR - valymo priemonė brangiesiems ir spalvotiems metalams. Tirpalas - 4 litrai vandens - 1 kg NET'OR. Skirtas juvelyrams nuvalyti paviršių po suvirinimo ar kitų darbų. 3 toksiškumo klasė.

    Scouring powder NET’OR for precious and nonferrous metals. In an acid resistant recipient, mix 4 litre of hot water with 1 kg of powder. Soak the objects to be cleaned and let it react. Class 3 toxicity.
    MSA Contents Kg
    26.950 1 kg 1.100
  • ELMA ULTRA-CLEAN® universalus plovimo skystis brangiesiems metalams su „minkštais akmenimis“ plauti. Be amoniako.

    ELMA ULTRA-CLEAN ® universal concentrated cleaning solution for setting soft stones precious jewelleries with lighting effect on gold. Do not contain ammoniac.
    MSA Solution Contents Kg
    26.822 ULTRA-CLEAN 1 litre 1.200
  • ELMA SPIROL® skirtas balanso plovimui.

    ELMA SPIROL ® hairsprings cleaning solution.
    MSA Contents Kg
    26.831 1 litre 1.000