Horotec MSA 01.108-1.5–3


Specialūs ALLEN tipo atsuktuvai.

Special screwdriver with fixed male ALLEN type key for hexagonal hollow nuts. Knurled handle in chromed brass.

MSA Exterior width mm Length mm Ring Kg
01.108-1.5 1.50 107 Violet 0.025
01.108-2 2.00 107 Green 0.025
01.108-2.5 2.50 107 Blue 0.025
01.108-3 3.00 107 Brown 0.025
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SPECIAL screwdriver with fixed key of varied shapes. Knurled handle in chromed brass ;
coloured identified heads indicating the diameter or the width of the key. The hole in the upper part of the handle allows the tool to be suspended or the insertion of a tightening stem. The fabrication and the heat-treatment of the keys are particularly neat to assure a good resistance.