Horotec MSA 23.501

Horotec MSA 23.501


Laikrodžių korpusų poliravimo įrankis.

Hand polishing system developed for the watch industry, particularly for watch cases finish, and modified by HOROTEC ® for the after sales service. These 2 versions tools are composed of a vice with 4 brass claws (inside tightening from ø 14 to 34 mm and from ø 25 to 50) mounted on ball bearings, allowing the POLISHING WITHOUT RISKING ANY FLATTENING on the item worked on (watch case, bezel, case back, ring, etc..). As soon as one comes in contact with the brush, the system starts turning at the same speed as the brush.

MSA Model Kg
26.501 Right turning Bobino MSA 23.501-A (clockwise), ø 14 to 34 mm. 0.780
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The claws adjustment is made screwing and unscrewing the central screw of the claws thanks to an Allen key. The back screw is the Bobino turning adjustment. It allows to completely stop the Bobino (if necessary) or, at the opposite, to have a free rotation. The underneath lever is for releasing the claws (used for series).