Horotec MSA 07.320

Horotec MSA 07.320


Mini presas-staklės korpusų atsukimui ir užsukimui.

Mini HOROTEC ® professional precision press. Small and robust, built in steel and aluminium. Equipped with removable and adjustable watch holder with 4 delrin dies to hold the watch cases surely and horizontally. First fit the case in the watch holder then unscrew the case back with the adjustable jaws holder. Excellent frontal, lateral or plunging view. Top wheel ø 75 cm.


MSA Size mm Kg
07.320 110 x 95 x 200 1.540


MSA Items Kg
07.344 Adjustable jaws holder, maxi opening 65 mm 0.225
07.323-A 2 x Round jaws 0.003
07.323-B 2 x Flat jaws 0.003
07.323-C 2 x Square jaws 0.003
07.323-D 2 x Knurled jaws 0.003
07.360-A Watch holder with 4 concave Delrin dies,
height 18 mm, maximum opening 70 mm.