Horotec MSA 28.8200-020

Horotec MSA 28.8200-020


MOEBIUS mineralinis tepalas guoliams ir lėtai besisukantiems paviršiams. Žiūr. rekomendacinė tepimo lentelė.

Classical grease for ball bearing and any other low moving at large surface lubrication. Yellow aspect and normal consistence at 20°C. The lowest use temperature is between -10°C and -40°C. The highest use temperature is +80°C, however, it turns in oil from +40°C and up.

Moebius 8200 Viscosity cSt  
MSA ml 0°C 20°C 50°C Kg
28.8200-020 20ml Solid 30 11 0.060
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Classic greases for watchmaking and micromechanics.