Horotec MSA 28.9040-002

Horotec MSA 28.9040-002


MOEBIUS sintetinis tepalas. Žiūr. rekomendacinė tepimo lentelė.

Synthetic oil used for watches and precision instruments on boats, air crafts… working in low temperature condtions. It is also suitable for higher temperatures. Due to low viscosity, this oil tends of spreading at normal temperature and it is recommended to do an epilame-coating. Limpid and yellow aspect.

Moebius Arctic 9040 Viscosity cSt  
MSA ml Temp. °C 0°C 20°C 50°C Kg
28.9040-002 2ml -52 to +120 65 24 9 0.015
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Synthetic oils for watchmaking and micromechanics.