Horotec MSA 28.9415-002

Horotec MSA 28.9415-002


MOEBIUS sintetinis specialus tepalas ankerinei sistemai. Žiūr. rekomendacinė tepimo lentelė.

Synthetic grease for different applications. In mechanical watches, it is used as lubricant for the escapement. For micromechanics, it is used in the following areas : miniature ball bearings, step by step motors, high frequencies, synchronies, etc… Yellowish aspect.

Moebius 9415 Viscosity cSt  
MSA ml Temp. °C 0°C 20°C 50°C Kg
28.9415-002 2ml -20 to +80 410 107 10 0.016
Produkto kodas: MSA 28.D5-020 Kategorija: Žymos: , ,


Synthetic greases for watchmaking and micromechanics.