Horotec MSA 28.D5-020

Horotec MSA 28.D5-020


MOEBIUS sintetinis tepalas skirtas autoužvedimo sistemai. Žiūr. rekomendacinė tepimo lentelė.

The D group is made of 5 oils with identical base properties but different viscosity. Oils D1 and D2 work well at low temperatures but a surface pre-treatment against spreading is needed (with Fixodrop). Oils D3, D4 and D5 are used in bearings exposed to high pressures according to safety margins. The complete range of Microgliss lubricants is composed of 12 groups and was specifically conceived for watchmaking and precision mechanics. Each group contains several products of different viscosities but with the same base.

Moebius Microgliss (Groupe D) Viscosity cSt  
MSA ml Temp. °C 0°C 20°C 50°C Kg
28.D5-020 20ml -30 to +70 260 73 19 0.055
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“Microgliss“ oil made of classic and silicon oils, for watchmaking and precision micromechanics.