Horotec MSA 09.010-47


Mechanizmų laikiklis RONDA 4002-B, 4003-B, 4120-B, 4210-B, 4220-B, 5010-B, 5020-B, 5022-D, 5030-D, 5040-B, 5040-D, 5050-B, 5050-C, 5051-C, 5130-B, 5130-D mechanizmams.

Round movement holder with 2 pushers.

MSA Calibre Kg
09.010-47 R 4002-B, R 4003-B, R 4120-B, R 4210-B, R 4220-B, R 5010-B, R 5020-B, R 5022-D, R 5030-D, R 5040-B, R 5040-D, R 5050-B, R 5050-C, R 5051-C, R 5130-B, R 5130-D. 0.170
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Specific Movement Holders, nickel-plated ø 31 mm, equipped with adjustable screw to support pivot and endstone with and without pushers for control. Suitable for presses MSA 05.100, 05.101, 05.109, 05.110, 05.111, 05.112.

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