Horotec MSA 17.010-1A, 17.020-2A, 17.011-5


Automatinė tepalinė.

Automatic oiler allows dropping oil with meticulousness and precision. Oil in the oiler is protected against dust. All elements are interchangeable. There are 5 available versions (1A, 2A, 5, 12 and 15) with 3 different dropping types. Delivered with plastic stand and instructions.

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MSA Colour Length mm Type ø drop mm Contents mm3 Kg Use
17.010-1A Black 100 100 0.057 For shock protection devices in watches and balance bearings of all kinds without removing cap jewel.
17.020-2A Red 100 Drop deposit 0.3-1.0 100 0.056 For pallets, mechanical parts, oiling spots difficult to reach.
17.011-5 Green 100 Drop deposit 0.3-1.0 100 0.060 For train wheel pivots, cup bearings, everywhere the oiler has to be positioned before depositing oil.

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