Klijai laikrodininkams

  • Klijai mineraliniams ir safyriniams stiklams. UV. Bespalviai.

    UV SEIKO ® S-314 glue for mineral and sapphire glasses. It dries rapidly with a UV drier apparatus. Careful: Do not apply this glue on acrylic resin glasses or plastic watch cases.
    MSA Contents Size mm Kg
    26.502 10 g 35 x 35 x 105 0.026
  • LOCTITE® 3491 klijai mineraliniams ir safyriniams stiklams.

    LOCTITE ® 3491 glue for watch mineral and sapphire glasses. High transparency, low yellowing. Application by automatic system MSA 19.770 or 19.771
    MSA Contents Size mm Kg
    26.512 25 ml 120 x 40 0.050
  • Klijai plastiko stiklams.

    Glue for plastic watch glasses. Equipped with a fine needle for easy application. Air dries.
    MSA Contents Size mm Kg
    26.516 9 ml 110 x 25 x 25 0.015

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