Korpusų atidarymo peiliai

Korpusų atidarymo peiliai laikrodininkams

  • Korpusų atidarymo peilis.

    Stainless steel case opener with fixed blade and aluminium handle.
    MSA Length mm Colour Kg
    07.001-01 115 red 0.027
    07.001-01 115 black 0.027
    07.001-01 115 blue 0.027
    07.001-01 115 green 0.027
  • Automatinis, smūginis korpusų korpusų atidarymo įrankis. Komplekte 3 keičiami antgaliai.

    Automatic case opener for snap-on case backs, delivered with 3 shaped tips. Handle inside equipped with a spring and firing-pin, when turned on opens the case backs in one micro-choc. The strength of the choc is adjustable by screwing (+ power) or unscrewing (-power) the handle.
    MSA Size mm Kg
    07.004 122 0.165
    Replacement parts:
    MSA Items
    07.044-01 Set of 3 blades
    07.004-A Straight blade width 5 mm
    07.004-B Bended blade width 3.5 mm
    07.004-C Bended blade width 4.5 mm
    07.004-D O’ring gasket for blade holding
    07.004-E Spring only
    07.004-G Blade holder
  • Korpusų atidarymo įrankis.

    Case opener with robust handle for a better grip.
    MSA Length mm Kg
    07.007 125 0.025
  • Korpusų atidarymo peilis.

    Case opener with fixed blade without rivets.
    MSA Length mm Kg
    07.016 113 0.018
  • Korpusų atidarymo peilis. Dešiniarankiams. (MNA 07.027 - kairiarankiams). Keičiami antgaliai.

    Case opener with Aluminium handle with Stainless steel interchangeable blade. Delivered with an Allen key for blades remove.
    MSA Length mm Type Kg
    07.026 137 Right hand user 0.106
    07.027 137 Left hand user 0.106
    Spare blade only:
    MSA Items
    07.026-B Right hand user
    07.027-B Left hand user
  • Ypač plonų laikrodžių korpusų atidarymo staklės.

    HOROTEC ® tool for opening snap-on watch case backs and extracting snap-on bezels. Allows a precise adjustment due to an anti-skid case holder mounted on a spring. De live red with 2 pairs of hardened steel polished blades, 1 bored case-supporting delrin die to avoid damaging crowns and pushers. The tool is equipped with precision sliding carriage for delicately extracting of glasses or recalcitrant case backs.
    MSA Size mm Kg
    07.115 120 x 75 x 85 0.960
    Replacement parts:
    MSA Items Kg
    07.115-A Hardened steel blade 2 mm 0.009
    07.115-B Hardened steel blade 4 mm 0.009
    07.115-C Case-supporting die, hole Ø 10 mm 0.009
    07.115-D Hardened steel stem 0.009
    Accessories for HOROTEC ® tool MSA 07.115. Set of 2 accessories adaptable to MSA 07.115 for bracelet pins remove. Pins delivered separately.
    MSA Items Kg
    07.115-A Bracelet-rest die, hole ø 3 mm (1) 0.009
    07.115-E Pins holder (2) 0.009
    Set of 2 pairs of mirror polished blades adaptable to MSA 07.115 for bezels or snap-on case back remove opening until 40 mm.
    MSA Items Kg
    07.115-F 2 paire of mirror polished blades (1) 0.085
    Replacement parts:
    MSA Item
    07.117-A 1 spare blade only
  • Bezelių (besisukančių žiedų ant korpuso) nuėmimo įrankis.

    Bezels remover with 4 tempered stainless steel polished blades opening until 60 mm.
    MSA Size mm Kg
    07.117 150 x 60 x 65 0.880
    Replacement parts:
    MSA Size mm
    07.117-A 1 spare blade only
  • SEIKO® korpusų atidarymo įrankis.

    Seiko® genuine, robust and small snap-on case back openers.
    MSA Length mm Kg
    07.018 82 0.024
    07.019 86 0.022
    07.020 85 0.021